Policy Implications due to Gunfire Reduction Techniques

Understand the policy implication of gunfire and gunfire reduction programs

Comprehensive Gunfire Data Providing Insight to Impact on Our Communities

SST has amassed the world’s largest and most accurate collection of urban gunshot data, today numbering in excess of 500,000 incidents. These incidents span 80+ cities and communities across the United States and internationally. There is no other technology that captures and organizes the breadth and depth of information that SST can leverage for real-time incident review and proactive crime and pattern analysis.

As the global leader in gunfire detection, location, alerting and analysis, in 2013 SST was in the unique position to aggregate and analyze data from 51,357 gunshot incidents across the U.S. With this data we published our inaugural 2013 National Gunfire Index, which is unprecedented, detailed and actionable. It represents data from a sample of 48 key U.S. cities, and can provide researchers and policy makers with ground truth data necessary to investigate the impact[s] of illegal gunfire activity. SST does not attempt to draw direct correlations between violence in our urban communities and public health issues; rather we provide the data for others to use for further studies into curbing illegal gunfire.

Our goal in making the 2013 inaugural report available is to begin a more informed discussion on gun violence. SST holds, by far, the most comprehensive and detailed data on gun incidents that is currently available. We aggregate and analyze the data, and publish our analysis—currently the only form of “Big Data” to shed light on the shocking but true nature and volume of illegal gun activity in America. SST believes that this detailed gunshot data could, over time, provide important insight into the effects of gunshot violence on our emotional health and wellbeing. We invite researchers and those in a position to leverage the findings to develop proactive policy and policing strategies with the aim of ending illegal gunfire and taking back our communities.

What we’ve learned:
The true scope of gun violence is both under reported and misreported.

What can Society do?

“In many ways this report spells out the ‘inconvenient truth’ about gun violence in terms of scale, intensity, and most importantly, the potentially catastrophic consequences downstream if not addressed.  The Index is a launch pad for the work of others: it demonstrates the ‘art of the possible’ and will enable social scientists in respected institutions and policy makers to do the analysis and draw the correlations between gun violence and many facets of community public health, such as child development and trauma-induced PTSD.  We hope to expand the gun violence discussion beyond the typical definition of a gunshot victim to include the huge number of individuals who suffer emotional scars from not being afforded the basic human right of personal security”.

- Ralph A. Clark, President and Chief Executive Officer, SST, Inc.

What Can You Do? Get Involved Today!

Write your representative and encourage him/her to take gun violence seriously.

  • Download the 2013 Gunfire Index in its entirety
  • Comment on this report via Twitter using the #GunfireIndex hashtag
  • Share your findings and continue the illegal gunshot dialogue
  • Write your Congressional Representative and U.S. Senator
  • Sign a petition
  • Speak out in your community: organize community programs and write to letters to the editor of your local paper.

Together we can fight this serious issue and make significant progress. Hold them accountable and encourage them to start today.

The time is NOW.